Honorable Deepak Bhurani

In recognition of his outstanding contributions in the business and commerce field and his deep understanding of international  and West AFrican affairs, Deepak Bhurani was appointed as the Honorary Consul of Uganda in Sierra Leone. This prestigious position, bestowed upon him by the government of Uganda, reflects his commitment to strengthening the diplomatic ties between the two nations.

Responsibilities as Honorary Consul:

As the Honorary Consul, Deepak Bhurani takes on the responsibility of representing the interests of Uganda in Sierra Leone. he works tirelessly to facilitate cultural, economic, and diplomatic exchanges between the two nations. Deepak Bhurani plays a crucial role in supporting the citizens of Uganda residing in Sierra Leone and fostering goodwill between the communities.

Philanthropy and Community Involvement:

In addition to his diplomatic duties, Deepak Bhurani is actively involved in philanthropy and community service. He believes in giving back to the community and has been instrumental in the MAADA&FATIMA BIO FOUNDATION, ZCC (zero corruption campaign), CAMPAIGN FOR PEACE.SL, SIERRA LEONE BUSINESS COUNCIL, HEALTH NETWORK SIERRA LEONE and the HANDS OFF OUR GIRLS BY FATIMA BIO.

Personal Life:

Deepak Bhurani is married man and a father of 2. Despite his demanding schedule, Deepak Bhurani prioritizes family values and quality time with loved ones.


Honorable Deepak Bhurani continues to make significant contributions to diplomatic relations and international cooperation. He stands as a symbol of excellence, fostering goodwill, and building bridges between nations.

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